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2019 Bylaws Update

An organization’s bylaws are the ruling documents for its board of directors – its “operations manual” in essence, telling its board members how the business of the organization should be conducted. No matter how good a job was done in creating them, sooner or later the organization finds something that needs to be updated. They are a living document, undergoing regular review and change.

In 2019, a committee of the Board was struck to review the current bylaws with the intent of having a draft version ready for membership review at the September General Meeting on September 5, 2019.

These draft bylaws were reviewed at the July 2019 Board Meeting and considered ready for review by the membership.

Per the current bylaws, a request in writing signed by at least 25 members was received by the President and Secretary of the Association, asking that the September 5 General Meeting be classified as a Special General Meeting for the purposes of the review and approval of these draft bylaws by the membership. An announcement to this effect went out to the membership on July 19 and again on August 1, 2019.

The complete draft bylaws may be found here

An update summary may be found at here

Questions about the bylaw update project can be addressed to Matthew Meier, Chair of the Bylaw Update Committee at

2018 Membership Portal

With the platform of our new website firm under our feet, we set about the creation of a membership portal where members can update their address, phone number, and email contact information, as well as online processing of membership renewals. This functionality opened late in the summer of 2018, enabling the processing of 2019 membership renewals.

Members who have consistently contributed to the club over many years and have met the demanding criteria for Life Membership Award may be awarded a Life Membership in appreciation of their dedication to the Association. Current Life Members are (* Denotes Deceased):

We would like to thank Lee Simkin, as well as Shauna Prokopchuk and Candace Layne of ManageWise for their vision and hard work in making this substantial improvement to the member experience possible.


Late in 2017 our web presence was revisioned, with the current site coming online in January 2018. This served to move us fully to, retiring our old .org site. Our main intentions for the new site were an enhanced user experience with better interactivity, and to serve as a foundation for better communications with our members.

We would like to thank Walter Klissner, Lee Simkin, and Charles Agopsowicz of Electris Design for their efforts in envisioning and building this site.


The Archery Range consists of a Main Range and an Archery Trail Walk. The Main Range has permanent target butts set at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 meters. There is also a sand backed crib for shooting broad-heads, and an elevated stand with a 5 meter drop for tree stand practice. The 3D archery trail walk has been extended to approximately 400 meters in length and has 21 side lanes with 3D targets.

We would like to thank Joe and Kris Skelly, Hans Mausolf, Eugene Desaulniers, Pat and Kathleine Emerson, Varonica and Walter Klissner, Anton Bester, Pat Harris, Lori and Al Keeler for their efforts in improving and extending the 3D archery walk. Special thanks to Eugene for the hats.


The year 2010 was another big year for improvements at our range.

The clubhouse saw a much needed face lift. New windows and doors along with brand new kitchen cabinets were installed. The outside got a fresh coat of stain and the floor was painted. There were a couple of septic tanks installed as the clubhouse facilities are closed over the winter. Come spring, there will be some finishing touches to the outhouses.

The next step was the big bore overflow range and the hand gun range. Both ranges got a concrete pad poured, new tin roof and benches with concrete tops.

We finished the project with new safety curtains. We had a new camera monitoring system set up at all ranges. An electronic gate will be installed in the near future.

There were lots of projects to be completed in 2010 and I would like to thank everyone who came out to volunteer. With all the time and effort, we all made this a success.

Last year we built a new handgun range and overflow rifle range in response to increased use of the existing ranges. Work on these ranges was completed by midsummer and immediately put to use by members.

Plans for 2010 are to finish off the new ranges with the construction of roofed shooting shelters. Financing will be from Association resources and hopefully a grant from Alberta Lotteries. Work will start this spring with pouring concrete pads, construction of shelters and installation of concrete shooting benches and gun racks. Wind down safety screens will be installed at the overflow rifle range and at the 22 rimfire range.

Completion of the video surveillance system at the ranges will also be completed in 2010. Cameras are currently installed at the shotgun range. Work in the spring will see cameras installed at the handgun and rifle ranges and laying cable to the gate for another camera. Hopefully this will deter the problems with vandalism experienced at the ranges and access by non-members to the property.

Improvements to the Clubhouse are also planned. New windows and doors will be installed. The kitchen area will be renovated with new cabinets and the floors will be repainted. Measures will be taken to control vermin (i.e. mice) in the Clubhouse by making cabinets as mouse-proof as possible, and setting out of traps.


Volunteers are a vital part of our club.

Our range improvements went really smoothly this year. Thanks to all the volunteers and a special thanks to Norm Honish and Jim Clarke for spending a couple of weeks building the new burm around the handgun and the overflow areas. People like this make our range look good.

Volunteers are in high demand. Don’t be shy, come out and meet other members. It’s a great way to meet people who share your passion for the great outdoors.

Range Monument

A monument consisting of a brief Club history, names of Past Presidents and names of Life Members was completed on September 10, 2009.

Thank you to Gaetan Richard, Jim Clarke and Walter Demuth who volunteered their time in construction of the monument.

In the spring of 2010, a dedication ceremony will be held and Past Presidents and Life Members will be invited. Further details will be forthcoming from the Executive.

Pictured are two Past Presidents: Don Chapman (1971–1972) and Ken Sobkiw (2006-2009).


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Jun 01

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