Lost & Found

Recognize something?

If you see something that’s yours here – please contact us by email at memberservices@spfga.ca or by telephone at 780-467-0085 so we can connect you with your items.

GoPro case

GoPro gear case with various components. Alas, no camera.

ENO bag

Carry bag for an Atlas Suspension System from Eagles Nest Outfitters. (Trying to think of something funny for this one, but all I’m coming up with is ‘marble bag’. I need a coffee.)


Thumb detector/micrometer adjustment tool. The US military pays hundreds for these things, come on in and claim yours!


Looks like a long action magazine for a Mossberg Patriot. Could also be one of them fancy new Pez dispensers too, it’s up in the air…

Ammo box

This one contained some 12 ga target loads.

Reloading tray

Looks like a piece from a Little Tykes Big Waffle Block set (kidding, we know it’s a reloading tray 😉 )

Water bottle

Martin Deerline water bottle. Wait…golf?? Why, golf courses are the deliberate misuse of perfectly gun ranges. We’re giving you an earful when you pick this up.

Toque and mitts

Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation toque and mitts.

Delta Rest

Hornady Delta Rest. These are actually pretty cool, we hope this one finds its way home.

Foam liner

Costco egg crate. Hold up – the description I got says ‘pistol case foam liner’. That actually makes more sense, so we’ll go with that.


Snazzy jacket. The description I received said ‘green’, but again – this looks grey to me. Is it this light? <looks up>


DCM hoodie. The description I received says ‘brown’ but this looks grey to my old eyes…

MAC Tools bag

MAC tools bag containing these pictured items. There was a full sized teddy bear, a bag of french fries, and a ukelele in there too. We ate the fries and are playing the ukelele for the bear, so we’re keeping those.

Folding chair

Folding blue chair previously owned by Perry the Platypus. Well not really, but it is blue.

MTM ammo box

MTM Case-Gard P-100-9 ammo box with some depleted uranium 9 mm cartridges. (Kidding on the DPU, made ya look though…)

Miscellaneous keys

The keys to our heart. And maybe your vehicle. Or your house. And, seemingly, a buncha locks…

Vortex lens caps

Some weird catapult dealos…to cover a Vortex scope.

Combination trigger lock

Combination trigger lock. We hear the combo’s ‘666’ but we weren’t brave enough to test that. Please bring a young priest and an old priest and take this thing off our hands!

Soft case

Soft case for rifles or very long submarine sandwiches. 

Seat pads

The one might be an egg crate. Or aneochoic baffling. Or some sort of mancala board. We’re unsure.


We have a plethora, a veritable omnigathering we daresay, of staplers that have stayed behind. Check your range box to see if yours is missing – we might have it!

Lens caps

Could also be a set of steampunk monacles – we could go either way on this one. We’re waiting for a ruling from K.W. Jeter before making up our minds.

Black pants

We’re left wondering on this one:  what kind of shenanigans involve…? Y’know what, nevermind – we’re not judging.

Various Eyeglasses

Have your groups opened up significantly? Has driving to the range gotten noticeably more challenging? You might be missing your specs!

Lens Cap

Might also be a pirate’s eye patch. We’re waiting for a coordinating peg leg to turn up for confirmation on this one.


Various gongs. And, apparently, a tire iron. 

Parts for a Caldwell Chronograph

If you have a Caldwell chrony and have been out to the range with it – check your kit. Some of your parts may have stayed for a little more range time when you headed home.

Recognize something?

Contact us at memberservices@spfga.ca or (780) 467-0085.


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