Lost & Found

Recognize something?

If you see something that’s yours here – please contact us by email at memberservices@spfga.ca or by telephone at 780-467-0085 so we can connect you with your items.


This thing is so happy, we’ll almost be sorry to see it go. We ate the snacks though, but have to ask – what was that red stuff?

Spotting scope and tripod

We’re not going to post the actual photo for this one (obvious reasons).

But, if you left your spotting scope behind we might have it. Contact Chris Russell at 2ndvicepresident@spfga.ca and let him know the brand and colour of the scope and the tripod to help us connect you.

Seat pads

The one might be an egg crate. Or aneochoic baffling. Or some sort of mancala board. We’re unsure.


We have a plethora, a veritable omnigathering we daresay, of staplers that have stayed behind. Check your range box to see if yours is missing – we might have it!

Parts for a Caldwell Chronograph

If you have a Caldwell chrony and have been out to the range with it – check your kit. Some of your parts may have stayed for a little more range time when you headed home.

Lens caps

Could also be a set of steampunk monacles – we could go either way on this one. We’re waiting for a ruling from K.W. Jeter before making up our minds.

Black pants

We’re left wondering on this one:  what kind of shenanigans involve…? Y’know what, nevermind – we’re not judging.

Various Eyeglasses

Have your groups opened up significantly? Has driving to the range gotten noticeably more challenging? You might be missing your specs!

Lens Cap

Might also be a pirate’s eye patch. We’re waiting for a coordinating peg leg to turn up for confirmation on this one.

Recognize something?

Contact us at memberservices@spfga.ca or (780) 467-0085.


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