Bill C-21 Letter-writing Campaign


Canada’s anti-firearm advocates like to speak scornfully about Canada’s gun lobby like it’s some faceless fringe special interest group, shifting about menacingly in the shadows. It’s an age-old tactic, this playing on the public’s nameless fears. The problem is, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

This so-called “gun lobby”? It’s each of us. Individually and collectively, we are ALL Canada’s gun lobby – each SPFGA member and each of Canada’s 2.2 million law-abiding firearms owners.

We’re teachers, welders, physicians, cabinetmakers, stay-home parents, engineers, retirees, researchers, students, scaffolders, moms, dads, sons, daughters…we’re fibers of the cloth of Canadian democracy. And we raise our voices in a lawful and respectful way to let our elected officials know how we feel…which is literally what lobbying is.

Bill C-21, the latest in a seemingly endless round of anti-firearms legislation, promises to threaten the fabric of the SPFGA’s mission statement. That’s a problem. So, we need to dig into this together and let the federal government know how we feel. To help you do that, we’ve built you some tools you can use to raise your voice to the ears that need to hear it.

Here are these tools. They’re simple and easy to use, set up so you won’t even need envelopes or stamps. The steps below will need less than 15 minutes.

You’ll be sending this letter to seven Members of Parliament: Bill C-21 Letter

Step 1: Click the link above to download it, then open it in your word processor. You can use the letter as-is or adjust it as you wish.

Step 2: Complete the areas indicated below – your name, their name, the date, etc.


You’ll send this letter to seven Members of Parliament at their House of Commons address:

  • Marco Mendicino (Minister of Public Safety)
  • Alistair MacGregor (NDP Public Safety Critic)
  • Kristina Michaud (Bloc Québécois Public Safety Critic)
  • Jagmeet Singh (NDP Leader)
  • Pierre Poilevre (CPC Leader)
  • Elizabeth May (Green Party Leader)
  • Your Member of Parliament (if you’re not sure who your MP is, you can find out with your postal code here)

Step 3: Address the letter to the first MP on the list, then set your printer to print double-sided and print both pages.

Step 4: Go to the next MP on the list and repeat Step 3.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 until you’re at the end of the list.

Step 6: Sign each letter with a pen.

Step 7: Take each letter, the message side facing you, and fold it in thirds. Seal it closed with a piece of tape. It’s now effectively an envelope. And, because you’re sending it to a Member of Parliament at their House of Commons address, it doesn’t require a stamp.



Optional extra step: If you’re feeling energetic, you can expand from there and send letters to every member of the Liberal caucus, or all MPs who voted in support of Bill C-21 following its first reading, or whichever MPs you feel need to hear this message. Here’s the entire list of all MPs to help you do this.

Lastly: When you’ve got your letters done, post a picture of the pile of them on The Ketchamoot Discourse Facebook discussion page and inspire others! (Not on The Ketchamoot Discourse yet? Join here!)


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